Thank you for your interest in my teaching career. In this section of the website, I present information typically requested by a hiring committee. Beginning with my teaching history. Next, I have added documentation which discusses my teaching philosophy and commitment to diversity in the classroom. Additionally, I have presented materials that demonstrate my approach to teaching, assets generated, and a sample lecture slide deck.

Teaching History

The table below gives a short overview of my teaching experience. The table indicates roles and responsibilities using the general definitions provided below. Note that each teaching institution may have different definitions and included tasks for each roles.

Teaching Assistant (TA): Marking student materials and providing feedback based on set assignments and marking schemes.
Instructional Assistant (IA): A student-facing position which may involve any of tutorials, holding office hours, troubleshooting code solutions, answering questions in person or via online platforms or email. May include TA duties.
Sessional Lecturer (SL): The lecturer of the course. Often the program curriculum is set and topics to teach are given. May include both IA and TA duties.

UniversityDateRoleCourse CodeCourse NameLanguages
WaterlooS2020TACS116Introduction to Computer Science 1Python
SLCS100Introduction to Computing through Applications
MS Suite, HTML, CSS, & Intro CS Concepts
S2019TACS230Introduction to Computers and Computer SystemsMIPS
W2019SLCS106Introduction to Computer Science 2Processing
2017-2018IA/TACS136Instructional Assistant Elementary Algorithm Design and Data AbstractionC
2015-2016IA/TACS115Introduction to ProgrammingDr. Racket (Scheme)
UOIT2015SLINFR2330Game Design and Production IITheory, Prototyping (flexible)
2014TA/IAINFR1330Game Design and Production ITheory & Paper Prototyping