Part of my educational background includes researching and designing games. This page of my website is dedicated to games in which I have participated in the development or the design as either a leader or a team member.

COVID19 Safety

Due to COVID19, we have put any research that requires gathering and shared surfaces on hold.

Pet Project


Pet Project is a game about mental health and wellness. The target of the game is to increase community education and thereby help foster better support within communities. The game is designed to have both individual components played on a mobile device, and collaborative components displayed on a public large display.


The Pet Project is an on-going research study lead by Rina Wehbe from the University of Waterloo in collaboration with Jessica Hammer of The OH! Lab at Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Above Water

Above Water is a game that was created to reduce stigma through education. The game is designed to be played in small groups. It has a dual-modality as both a physical card game and a mobile app. Read more about the design of this game by accessing the published papers on UW Space.


The game was created with the design team. This project was possible with support from the Games Institute at UWaterloo, the HCI Games Group, and NSERC.

Check out the game trailer:


As supporting designer on this project lead by Gustavo Tondello, we put together a game to be played with very large groups (i.e. ~ 50 people). We implemented this game during the ACM sigCHI conference CHIPlay 2016, London, UK. This project is possible with support from the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo.

Check out the trailer: