IMMERSe Meeting

Before flying to Edinburgh for the ACM DIS 2017 conference, I was happy to present some of my most recent work on non-player characters (NPCs) at the Immerse meeting in Ottawa on behalf of my research group HCI Games and the Games Institute.

HERE! CHI Paper Presentation

As promised, my paper which explores the incremental changes that game designers can make to increase difficulty was presented. The paper is titled: Testing Incremental Difficulty Design in Platform Games please check it out!

Vanguard STEM

I am honoured to be featured by @VanguardSTEM  “#WCWinSTEM: Rina R. Wehbe, M.Sc.”

A DIS-tinguished Experience

One of the highlights of this year was traveling to Edinburgh to attend ACM DIS 2017. I presented some of my recent work “Leave Them 4 Dead”. I definitely enjoyed the experience of presenting my work. I also met amazing people, said hi to old friends, and got to walk down the street that inspired Harry Potter’s…

CHI-ming Soon!

Pardon the terrible pun! I am officially announcing the coming of my CHI Note: Incremental Design of difficulty in games. The paper discusses the design of games, particularly calibrating difficulty. Difficulty of a game is particularly important to player experience, however one setting does not accommodate all users. Games may attempt to accommodate users by…